February 2017

As a continuation from our conversation about what is a president, we took a different point of view by beginning with our morning question was “Do you like rules?” There seemed to be a differing of opinions if the kids liked them or not. We had fantastic discussion later on about “What are rules?” “Why do we have/need rules?” “Who makes rules?” “Where do we have rules?” As a class we brainstormed through answering the ‘questions’ and building our conversation into how it is relevant to each of them. There was quite a bit of discussion as we answered each of the questions as the children built on comments from peers. We felt it was imperative that we took a step backwards to see what the children knew about rules and make it relative to each of them.

Seeds. “We asked the children what they know about seeds.  They said,“ they grow on/in fruits and vegetables.”  “They come from flowers and trees, some you can eat, some you cannot.”  There are different shapes, sizes, some have skin some do not.”  We began with the germination of our seeds today.  Ask your child what she/he planted and what germination means.



Welcome to my new page

I am so excited for this new venture as I continue to grow as an educator. With a background in social work as well as a Masters in Jewish Education, I feel that the journey I have been on in my classroom is amazing! So amazing that I want to share my experiences thus far and gain insight from other professionals, too!

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