Atelier/Studio set-up….

Collage Materials

As the school has ended and summer begins, my head begins to swirl with ideas to try and ideas for next year. Next year is very exciting for me as I will take on a new role in addition to being a classroom teacher. I will be our preschool’s studio teacher, working with 2’s, 3’s and 4’s both in their classrooms as well as my own or the “studio.” It is an amazing opportunity for the children, teachers and myself.

More details to follow about my new role….

So, if there is anyone out there who has or would be able to donate any of these materials for the studio I would be most grateful. It is a HUGE undertaking to not only plan/program (of sorts), but also set-up the physical space, too.

Let me know if you or someone you know has items to donate….



Inspiration for the Summer!

A sneak peek at some projects for the older kids at camp. First will be the mantra plaques. Taking the idea to focus on one word about who they are Jewishly. It can either be in English or in Hebrew. Shall be interesting to see what words they come up with…. Next is the Tree of Life. It is a three dimensional representation of a tree. However, I see it as a physical representation of a metaphor. It could be a family tree, a prayer tree or even words that come from the root of who each of the children are or want to become. Stay tuned to hear what conversations come from these projects…


Crafts for thought…

I was scrolling through my feed and saw a friend, colleague and parent in my class was asking if anyone knew of a blog/website for art provocations, invitations and possible outcomes for Jewish learning. In a blink of an eye, I sent her a message about this blog.

This blog’s creation was inspired by a parent of a student from last year and I have been thinking about where to begin this journey of my blog. Well…here I am. The inception of this blog was to serve as a voice for me to share thoughts and ideas about Judaic inspired happenings in my classroom and elsewhere.

So with all of that being said, I am posting on behalf of my friend as well as myself as a way to connect educators with similar interests of naturally connecting experiential learning and Judaics through children’s natural voice.

On your mark, get set, GO!


February 2017

As a continuation from our conversation about what is a president, we took a different point of view by beginning with our morning question was “Do you like rules?” There seemed to be a differing of opinions if the kids liked them or not. We had fantastic discussion later on about “What are rules?” “Why do we have/need rules?” “Who makes rules?” “Where do we have rules?” As a class we brainstormed through answering the ‘questions’ and building our conversation into how it is relevant to each of them. There was quite a bit of discussion as we answered each of the questions as the children built on comments from peers. We felt it was imperative that we took a step backwards to see what the children knew about rules and make it relative to each of them.

Seeds. “We asked the children what they know about seeds.  They said,“ they grow on/in fruits and vegetables.”  “They come from flowers and trees, some you can eat, some you cannot.”  There are different shapes, sizes, some have skin some do not.”  We began with the germination of our seeds today.  Ask your child what she/he planted and what germination means.


Rules? What are they…

February 2017

This week that began with questioning what the children knew about a president took a few steps backward as we’ve been discussing what rules are, who makes them, why do we have them and where there are rules. It has been very thought-provoking to listen to the children’s understanding of rules. We brainstormed a lot of rules they may have at home/outside of school and they naturally moved closer into our classroom. The children were able to collectively compile different rules we have in the classroom and what purpose they each may serve. During our days when a ‘conflict’ arises, the children have been referring back to our brainstorm list in the front of the classroom. As they are able to acknowledge what they had contributed to the brainstorm they clearly internalized the expectations.


Snapshots from our room

Welcome to my new page

I am so excited for this new venture as I continue to grow as an educator. With a background in social work as well as a Masters in Jewish Education, I feel that the journey I have been on in my classroom is amazing! So amazing that I want to share my experiences thus far and gain insight from other professionals, too!

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